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Stone Wall

Virtual Workshops + Groups for
Anxious Jews to Connect With Calm

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Say goodbye to nervous isolation
and hello to
loving community.

Virtual Workshops + Groups
Teaching mindfulness and healing ancestral trauma
for anxious Jews in North America.

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All anxious Jews are welcome. 


My clients are Jews across the spectrum, from religious to secular, yet despite dietary, custom, and ritualistic differences, everyone can relate to having similar thoughts and fears.


The concern for humanity.


The worry for Jews. 

The history that's been triggered. 


The frustration that gentiles just don’t understand.

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You don't feel safe. 

Even for those living in North America, life as a Jew is stressful right now.  

You feel shocked and horrified by the events of October 7th and the ongoing actions of Hamas.

You're nervous about rising antisemitism around the globe.

You feel betrayed, angry, and alone.

You suddenly don't feel safe with your peers, whether that’s on a college campus, among your usual exercise crew, the ladies who lunch, or even colleagues in the office next door.

Not long after October 7th, you had the thought,

“Who would hide me?”

You might have even had the chutzpah to ask a trusted friend, “Would you ever hide me?” Attempting to be pragmatic due to historical realities you hoped this is just a stupid thought and moment of craziness.

Still, you wondered, "Who would stand up for me?"

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Stressed Man

Overwhelmed with the news.


You've been obsessively reading or watching the news,  mind racing from the reports of protests and rising derogatory comments about your people.

You are horrified at what the American news hasn’t been reporting.

And then, even when you try to stop reading the news or pull away from social media, you feel nauseated by upsetting emails, posts or stories from institutions, colleagues, professionals, artists, and influencers you once respected.


Or worse: There has been complete silence. 

The Western Wall

You feel on edge, shocked, and enraged. 

Flooded with disappointment and anger that more people just don’t seem to truly understand the politics -- Israel is the only place in the middle east that has been safe for LGBTQ rights are protected. In Israel women have the freedom to be pro-choice.

You feel hurt by the politicians, by your naïve friends and neighbors. 

You feel disappointed and furious at your non-Jewish friends who just don’t seem to get it.

The Western Wall

It feels like the world has gone insane.

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Amidst the boiling rage, there also lies a pride... 


There is a sense of gratitude that Jews continue coming together to help one another.


An awe of our timeless resiliency against hate and the power of mobilization towards the common good.

Plug into that good. 

Independence Day Parade

My groups are for you if: 

  • You can relate to any of the thoughts or feelings above.

  • You want a community that isn't limited to your biological family or synagogue, to safely converse with others who have been going through the same challenges and dealing with the same worries. 

  • You are curious to discover how your Jewish genetics might be contributing to your reactions to present-day events.

  • You are ready for a sacred space to practice mindfulness and attend to big emotions in a compassionate way.

  • You are willing to be respectful of your fellow Jews, regardless of their level of religiosity or political views.

These Groups are for you if
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Understanding Trauma for Anxious Jews


What you get:

  • Connect with other Jews who can relate and support you.

  • A safe space to openly talk about your ancestor’s pain and suffering.

  • Learn more about the biology of intergenerational trauma.

  • Discover how the "weird" anxious or depressed behavior is a primal defense.

  • Tools to reground when big emotions take over.

  • How to work with the body to calm down faster.

Time commitment: Two hours


Cost: $297

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Mindfulness for
Anxious Jews 


What you get:

  • A safe space to practice mindfulness and attend to big emotions in a compassionate way.

  • Connect with more people who can both relate and support you.

  • Discover a variety of body-based, breath-based, and silent meditation practices that help you feel more relaxed.

  • Learn Hebrew chants that uplift and energize.

  • Since this is a closed mindfulness group, you will get to see the same faces every week and build on the practices together.


Time commitment: One hour, for four weeks

Cost: $597 for all four weeks 

Image by Chris Montgomery
Dead Sea

Who is Hannah?

Hannah Kanter, LICSW
Trauma Therapist, Meditation Teacher, and
Reform Jew, living in Cambridge, MA

I'm a Jewish therapist who knows how to calm anxiety down.

I am a virtual psychotherapist (LICSW in Massachusetts, LMSW in Michigan and a registered out-of-state telehealth provider in Florida), mindfulness teacher, yoga instructor, and experienced Reiki practitioner. I've also had training in psychological first aid. 

My clients learn the biology of intergenerational trauma and automatic survival defenses.

They learn how to reground when big emotions take over.

How to work with their own physical bodies to calm down faster.

Join the safe haven where you can reconnect with clarity and serenity.

About Hannah

It's time to heal from your
Bubbie's baggage. 

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You're not alone if you've ever wondered,
"What is wrong with me?"


Here are more signs intergenerational trauma is impacting your life: 


  • Unruly digestive issues

  • Feeling nervous around crowds

  • Needing to know where all of the exits are 

  • Afraid of being separated from your child

If you're sick and tired of your anxiety, I can show you stress-relieving techniques and mindfulness practices proven to change your genetics in order to improve your health.

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Reconnect to a sense of peace 

Join a safe and supportive space where you can connect with other anxious Jews who want to learn how to gain skills to calm the nervous system in order to function more effectively at work, at home, and in personal relationships.

Sign up for a workshop and take the first step towards a calmer, more grounded you.


You deserve it.

In my community, we embrace our shared experiences while celebrating our differences. Whether you're Orthodox, Reform, secular, or somewhere in between, you'll find support here.

You don’t have to be isolated anymore, alone with your fears.

I can help.


Note: These workshops are not psychotherapy and therefore open to all anxious Jews, regardless of location or background. Therapists, patients, colleagues, and friends are all welcome.

Sense of Peace
Dead Sea

The Background

After October 7th, 2023, I was horrified and disgusted when I read news stories about the trauma Israelis endured from the Hamas attacks and torture -- pains that they are continuing to endure.


On October 8th, I saw Facebook posts and received emails from Israelis colleagues providing therapy to patients from bomb shelters and others trying to think of ways to practice mindfulness while their country went to war. 

As a psychotherapist who specializes in helping survivors of sexual trauma, I was appalled by the global lack of outcry and compassion for Israelis, including the young women raped and killed at Super Nova with their assailants sickeningly bragging about their acts. My heart goes out to the hostages sexually assaulted in captivity and their family members struggling with the aftermath. 


I have deep admiration and the utmost respect for all of the healthcare workers, including psychotherapists, on the front lines who are providing care to anyone in the Middle East, helping young children to elderly adults.

In Judaism we are taught Tikkun olam.

I have an obligation to help repair this world. 

Like many, I, too, gave money to support on-the-ground organizations.


But I wanted to do something more. 


My own patients were stressed by this global event.


My American therapist colleagues were suffering and regularly posting in Facebook groups and sending private emails about their ongoing distress - they felt hurt and betrayed by friends, colleagues, and even their own patients whom they discovered were anti-Semitic. 

With a background as a psychotherapist, this is my way of bringing help, hope, and connection to a community that is hurting. 

How this got started

Upcoming Events

June 2024

May there be peace
- within ourselves and between one another.

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