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To improve health by helping clients love themselves, including their physical, mental, emotional, social, and energetic bodies.


There are five traditional Reiki precepts*:

1) Do not anger

2) Do not worry

3) Be humble

4) Be honest in your work

5) Show compassion to yourself and others

I have adopted these precepts into core values for my life. My mission is to act from love; to serve from faith; to practice humility and be open to learning from all; to be honest, and compassionate. I hold the space for clients to learn to fully love themselves. We are all Divine beings who deserve to be loved and to love life on this beautiful earth.

*Reference: Anders, Andrew. Michigan Reiki, 2014.

*Painting is by an unknown artist. Please contact me if you know who painted it! I would love to give them credit and buy the original. 


The Healing with Hannah LLC logo is a sprouting tear drop. Out of our deepest pain can bloom our greatest assets and life experiences. Once we hit bottom, the only way out is up. Pain is uncomfortable. It hurts. It sucks. It also has a ripple effect. The impact of trauma bleeds into other facets of life – it’s not just about what happens behind closed doors. Trauma impacts our self-esteem. It impacts our relationships – with our own bodies and with others. Trauma can show up when we interact with loved ones, family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. The residual impact of trauma can ripple into our home, daily activities, spiritual beliefs, careers, and goals.


Healing from trauma also has a ripple effect. When our self-esteem and our relationship with the body improves, our relationships with others improve, too. We stand stronger, taller, fuller when we own our power and love the sacred-self within. When we bloom into our best selves, we can provide the shade for those who still struggle or share the nourishing wisdom to support others along their path. When we heal, we automatically attract others onto the path of wellness. By learning how to get our own needs met in adaptive ways and setting healthy boundaries, we inadvertently spread the seeds of compassion.


Are you ready to change your ripple effect? 

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