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Energy Work Sessions

Private healing sessions are designed to help individuals improve their mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual health. It is my mission to help clients to love themselves, including their physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.


I regularly works with clients seeking to connect or reconnect to a Higher Power.


My job is to help facilitate my client's connection to their Self, including their own intuitive wisdom, and a Higher Power. That Higher Power can be called God, Goddess, The Great Spirit, The Universe, The Divine, The Creator, etc. I do not promote a single belief system, but rather encourages my clients to discover or reconnect with their own conception of a loving Higher Power. For some individuals, this belief system includes connecting to Spirit Guides, Angels, Masters of Light, Animal Guides, and/or Ancestral Guides. I have worked with a diverse array of clients from different religious and spiritual backgrounds who each have their own conception of the Universe.


Every private session is unique because each person is different. Generally, each session includes a mixture of talking and energy work, and closes with a personalized guided meditation. Often the energy work is mixed with meditation, so clients can learn to sense their own energy body and listen to their own intuitive wisdom.


Sometimes I use Tibetan singing bowls, which facilitates relaxation and positively influences brain waves. Research has shown that sound healing positively impacts health by increasing immunity. It has also been shown to treat insomnia, reduce chronic pain, headaches, and hormonal imbalance.


I find that healing work is more successful when clients actively engage in their own healing process, so during the first session we will create your healing plan and you will select which method(s) feel right to you. Each session is like "create-your-own-sundae." Some ingredients, like the foundation of spirituality and methods of self-care, are classic, while other options can be sprinkled in depending on where you are in your life's journey, what you are ready to release, and what you want to heal.

*Note: These sessions are not psychotherapy. 

Sessions can include any of the following:

  • Reiki

  • Etheric healing

  • Customized guided meditations

  • Breath work (Pranayama)

  • D.O.V.E. method

  • Working with gemstones

  • Aroma therapy using organic essential oils

  • Working with the four elements (earth, air, water, and fire)

  • Using positive affirmations 

Zen Stones

D.O.V.E. Method

Real transformation.

One of the main techniques I use with clients is the D.O.V.E. (Divine Original Vibration Embodiment) method, developed by Karen Greenberg of "Clair-Ascension® Kabbalistic Balance." D.O.V.E. (Divine Original Vibration Embodiment) is a personal growth and transformation method that takes a comprehensive inventory of a client’s history, identifies areas for personal growth, and begins re-patterning limiting thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and behaviors. This method safely guides clients to delve deeply into their challenges and emerge on the other side of pain, utilizing art, gemstones, movement, sound, aromas, and more. The D.O.V.E. technique is best when you are seeking to transform limiting beliefs, heal trauma and promote self-empowerment. 

For those familiar with 12-step programs, this method is very similar to Alcoholics Anonymous' steps 4-7, yet focuses more intensely on clearing out shortcomings, including their roots, and embracing our strengths. 

Miracles Exist

Why I Love and Use D.O.V.E. With My Clients

When I first did my own D.O.V.E. work with my teacher, Karen, I was blown away by the many miracles that occurred in my life as a result. After my back injury, my yoga practice completely changed. By the time I could finally sit in a chair without back pain, I was afraid to practice yoga. For months I didn’t unroll my mat. When I finally returned, I had a horrible experience. I was suddenly in a beginner’s body but with an advanced teacher’s head. Intellectually, I knew how to go deeper, make adjustments, and correct my postures. Physically, I felt overweight, tight, and pathetic. Yoga became a self-criticism fest. Doing my own D.O.V.E. work helped me to heal from my own negative self-talk, including the warped perceptions of my body. D.O.V.E. work helped me to reframe my mental thought patterns around many areas of my life, including my practice. Today, yoga is a peaceful and joy-filled experience. I have learned to enjoy my physical body and listen to its messages. I make modifications that respect my body, like practicing certain backbends with props, very slowly. I have learned to compare less and love more. I am even able to consistently compliment myself on the mat. Because I did the D.O.V.E. work, my yoga practice has transformed from a self-loathing session into a gratitude party. As a D.O.V.E. practitioner, I love being able to hold the space for my clients to experience their own incredible transformations. 

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