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What My Clients Are Saying 

I did my first session of Reiki during the pandemic.  I didn't really know what to expect from Reiki in general and was a little skeptical of what could be accomplished through a virtual session.  I was blown away.  I could feel the energy moving through my body, as Hannah directed it, ending in a cascading release through the soles my feet.  Moreover, she was able to sense certain physical attributes of my body that she could not even see through the computer screen.  For example, as we talked after the session she said she felt that my hips are "twisted" which is the exact same language my chiropractor uses. I am also a person with a very active mind, but for the hour with Hannah, I was totally present without even trying.  I don't remember needing to redirect my mind back to the present once! I ended the session so impressed with how attuned Hannah was to my energy and needs that I raved about the experience to my friends and family.  All I could think was, "let's do it again!"

Evelyn B.

I set an intention to expand my practice of sitting and to better understand energy currents I was experiencing. I found Hannah soon afterward and she has been immensely helpful in that work. Both directly with Reiki and through her knowledge of helpful texts I have been able to deepen my commitment to practicing regularly and work with energy phenomena that arises. It has also been delightful to converse about spiritual matters with someone who is on the path as well. She has my wholehearted recommendation.

Bill D. 

"Before meeting with Hannah I was very unsure of what to expect. I was looking to level up my spiritual practice but I was afraid of the unknown that working with Hannah would bring. The fear that I felt was quickly washed away as soon as I walked into Hannah’s space. The energy of her [space] is grounding, welcoming, and safe. She took the time to explain each step of our session. She met me exactly where I was at spirituality and emotionally. Healing with Hannah is exactly what I needed. She holds many gifts and I am grateful that I had the courage to walk through my fears and receive her guidance. I still carry her words and use the practices she offered me in my life today."


This past May [2017] I completed D.O.V.E. work with Hannah and I've had a profound shift in the perception of my life experiences since then. The D.O.V.E. work helped me to understand the limiting beliefs and underlying patterns that were guiding my daily thoughts and actions. By acknowledging these patterns and consciously shifting them to more positive frameworks, I've experienced profound transformations in every area of my life; my studies, relationships, direction of my life's work, and most importantly, the relationship I have with myself.


Hannah is an excellent facilitator, which isn't easy to do in a virtual setting, and set the tone from day 1 that we were in a safe (virtual) space. I felt comfortable and at ease with everyone in the group. This workshop was truly a life saver during an especially difficult time (quarantining with two kids under 6 years old!). I struggle with sitting quietly with my thoughts, so I especially appreciated the arrival practice, and the journaling.... I learned to be patient with mindfulness practice and with myself; to not expect perfection or full awareness instantaneously. I learned that being aware of one's emotions or feelings is already being mindful - and naming those feelings/emotions has been incredibly helpful in controlling my reactions in stressful situations.

Rosalia, Nurturing the Self participant

Hannah was very welcoming and positive. She was very inviting and made it accessible and not intimidating.

Zelene, Nurturing the Self participant

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