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Heal the trauma.

(Re)claim Your Life

Virtual therapy for adult survivors of childhood sexual trauma in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Florida 

It feels like you're going insane... 

You feel overwhelmed and restless.


Your shoulders are tight from all of the stress.


You have been having a rough time with work and at home.

You pushed yourself too hard and you feel exhausted. You're struggling to enjoy a career you once felt passionate about. The weight of shame seems suffocating. 


Each day feels like a battle against overwhelming emotions and unwanted thoughts. Sleep is a struggle. 

Despite having a career, a supportive partner, and trustworthy friends, you're struggling with the aftermath of unwanted past experiences.

You want to understand why your body feels on-edge or checked out. 


You may even secretly wonder if you’re losing it and going crazy.

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Can you relate to these trauma symptoms?

  • Sleep Disturbances:
    It’s tough to fall asleep or stay asleep, with restless nights haunted by unwanted thoughts and memories.


  • Overwhelming Emotions:
    Feelings of panic, shame, and guilt may linger beneath the surface, bubbling up unexpectedly and overwhelming you, often at the most inconvenient times.


  • Constantly Questioning and Condemning:
    You feel plagued by what-ifs and insecurities. Your inner critic is on full blast.


  • Disconnected:
    Feeling checked out, sometimes your vision gets blurry or it’s like there is cotton in your brain, thinking feels fuzzy.


  • Numb and Avoid:
    You prefer to ignore certain places, relatives, or activities. You’re craving relief and a distraction from the misery yet those old habits that used to provide temporary relief are now contributing to the cycle of pain.

Combining Modern Trauma Treatment with Ancient Wisdom:

In our therapy sessions, you are met with compassion and understanding. 


During EMDR sessions, we use a mixture of eye movement and self-tapping methods to access and reprocess traumatic memories, allowing you to release the emotional charge connected with past experiences and create new, more adaptive narratives (e.g., I am safe. I am enough. I matter). Through this process, you can experience profound shifts in your perception of yourself, how your carry yourself and the world around you. My clients have described feeling more confident, worthy, and safe as the result of our work together.


My approach is rooted in ancient wisdom.


Although I was trained to be a therapist in the top outpatient psychiatric clinic in Michigan, I also tend to incorporate an eclectic variety of meditation practices ranging from western-agnostic mindfulness to earth-based contemplative practices from my apprenticeship with a Shaman with the Quito tribe of Ecuador to mantra-based meditation stemming from Eastern traditions and my background living on yogic ashrams in my early twenties. 

(Re)Claim Your Mind

You deserve to live free from the shadows of the past. Rediscovering joy and embracing a sense of empowerment is within your grasp.


My clients regularly describe how they feel calmer, more grounded, and less tense in their bodies at the end of our sessions.


Clients learn strategies to tame emotions and how to channel those big feels into something pleasant instead of wallowing in sadness or feeling flooded with fear.


As you commit to the journey of healing, you can live a life filled with passion and purpose. Relationships that once felt strained may blossom into sources of connection and joy. Your work can feel satisfying and fulfilling again.


You may even find that your life begins to unfold in ways you never thought possible.


With dedication and courage to keep showing up for sessions, the heavy burden of anxiety begins to lift.


You can step into the present moment with clarity and confidence.


Through our work together, you can (re)claim your power and become the person, partner, parent and professional who you want to be.

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Can you take a few minutes to refill your cup?
"I now give myself permission to pause." 

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind."

Caroline Myss

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