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Energy Circles

Group healing energy circles utilize breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, and energy work to help individuals reconnect to their bodies, emotions, minds, and Higher Power. Every circle is unique depending on the participants' needs.

I typically offer themed energy circles such as Self-Love for Valentine's Day, Owning Your Power, Burning Bowl Ceremony for New Years Eve, Friendship and Women’s Health for a 50th birthday celebration, Releasing and Letting Go for the new moon, and Connecting to the Water Element during the full moon.

Sometimes I use Tibetan singing bowls, which facilitates relaxation and positively influences brain waves. Research has shown that sound healing positively impacts health by increasing immunity. It has also been shown to treat insomnia, reduce chronic pain, headaches, and hormonal imbalance.


Upcoming Energy Circles


Stay Tuned

Due to the increasing need for psychotherapy services at this time, there are not currently any upcoming energy circles scheduled. If you are interested in scheduling a private, customized energy circle for you and your friends, colleagues, or loved ones, please feel free to click below to inquire about availability. 

Possible themes: 

  • Women's Health

  • Developing intuition

  • Body appreciation + acceptance

  • Aligning with the Divine self

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